Charging your Mercedes-Benz is easy.

With our new intelligent services, charging your Mercedes-Benz is the least of your worries. Explore the range of services available to you below, to make charging your car hassle-free.

Register now for Mercedes me Charge.

Register now for Mercedes me Charge

Mercedes me Charge makes paying for charging effortless. Get access to a growing number of charging networks including IONITY, Genie Point, newmotion and SB Networks with one app, one registered payment and one itemized billing statement. You’ll also be able to see the precise location, availability and costs of charging points on your route. Register / Login for Mercedes me below to activate your account.

Register on the Mercedes me Portal and accept the Terms of Use for Mercedes me connect in order to use Mercedes me Charge and IONITY services. For Mercedes me Charge you have to register and input your payment information, and link your vehicle to the user account.

EQ Optimized Navigation.

EQ Optimized Navigation

EQ Optimized Navigation plans your fastest route, based on the shortest charging time. It responds dynamically to changes that take place both externally and within the car, and helps locate charging stations. 

Home charging with BP Chargemaster.

Home charging with BP Chargemaster

Benefit from the convenience and speed of charging at home with the BP Chargemaster 7kW Homecharge. The wall box costs just £399 which includes a £500 OLEV EVHS grant*, a 6 month FREE membership to Polar Plus (the UK’s largest public charging network) and a 3 year wall box warranty. To organise an installation or to find out more, click below. 

*The OLEV EVHS grant is subject to terms and conditions and eligibility maybe revised or withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

Please note you will be directed to the BP Chargemaster website.